independant committed pictures

Take a face to the darkroom and light its features with the greatest sensitivity.
From the iris to the lens, just a tie of light.


110 min | 2019

with Stephanie Benamra & Mohamad Malas

Timelife is a lifeline, an umbilical cord linking faces to their dreams and questions

Hizam | Belt

86 min | 2016

with Assia Guemra & Mohamad Malas

Over 16 years the camera was on the lookout for a femininity in search of itself

Reveries of the Solitary Actor

90 min | 2016

with Mohamad Adar & Stephanie Benamra

Travelling is not just approaching a destination, but the dream you put in your luggage

Pieces of Lives | Bouts de vies

52 min | 2012

with graphic artist Mustapha Boutadjine

Being a revolutionary does not always mean to carry a kalachnikov, but to witness his-story


52 min | 2011

with 8 Dan Shotokan Karate Daniel Baur

To actually know something, you need to experience it. A cookbook will not fill you up

Yolla Khalife

4 min | 2014

Yolla Khalife & Hana Benamra

Marcel Khalife's wife sings Henna from her 2nd album

Babour Zammar

6 min | 2012

with Abir Nasraoui & Salah Teskouk

Abir sings Hedi Guella's Babour Zammar, the video is a gift and a tribute to Tunisian people

Flutter | Emoi

12 min | 2016

with Sylvia Gobbel and Nicolas Bernard

Between two bodies, an absence. With photographer Helmut Newton's muse

ToadCat | CrapaudChat

11 min | 2014

Elisabeth Ricolleau, Stephanie & Lealys Benamra

Once upon a time, there was a ToadCat. In its stone skin, the petals of a sunset echoing.


8 min | 2010

with Emiko Ito & Mikwan Lock

The blue color of the pencil couples the beatings of my nostalgic heart

Azziz Degga


with Algerian narrator Azziz Degga

I was born with Hitler's capitulation, on November 10th, 1945


75 min | 2007

19 Artists of Bagneux

Nicolas Alquin, Amarante Ehrenhalt, Pierre Zucchelli, Marie-Helene Durand-Laudet, Nicolas Simon...



Hamid and Stephanie Benamra created Nunfilm in 2010 to display their films made with no servitude to anybody or anything but their soul and guts.

NUNFILM pictures have toured the world, competing in festivals and stretching the limits of the art of making films.
The press recognize the frame acuracy, an editing of genious and an endless talent.

Hamid Benamra

Hamid Benamra

Film Director, DoP, Author
since 1981

Film Analyst for Aljazeera
since 2014

5 Dan Shotokan Karate
started in 1970

Stephanie Benamra

Stephanie Benamra

Actress, Director, Producer

Sail trip aroud the world

Grenoble Ecole de Management
Baccalaureate at 16


To take a picture or to make a picture?
You do not capture an instant but you make the instant eternal.

Adab Akhbarely

dives into his characters' souls


A sharpshooter.
No need to read his name to identify his films.

Le Soir d'Algerie

A dizzying narrative, a sculptor of the magical realism.

Al Ahram Weekly

The camera anticipate each look, adjusts to each step.

The Book of Cinema


An Endless talent

Les 2 écrans #50

Godard's children cleverly swarmed to the suburbs of Algiers.

Algérie Actualités

Benamra is 17 and resemble Maiakovski.

Al Nour

intellectual and carnal challenge woven in microscopic films

Al Akhbar

Calm and rumbling, like a river.

Le Quotidien d'Oran

No servitude to film industry, a director of genious.

The CIFF Bulletin

A filmmaker should be like a scarab who never gives up

Al Arab

Inside an exceptional filming fact

Reporters DZ

Intelligence and courage


A surrealist narration and poetic pictures

Le Soir d'Algerie

Wobbling between reality and oneirism


Attacking & peaceful, deep & radiant, surprises constantly

Al Rai

Exceptional pictures of civilizational mixing


A poem to women who shaped me as a man

Al Kahera

An Intense femininity that gives sense to men


The UFO Algerian filmmaker

Asharq Al-Awsat

A high-level artistic style, his films know no borders



To expose yourself in front of a camera is an act of confidence.
You let your ego be stripped down. It is a deeply audacious act.



Hamid Benamra started writing for Aljazeera in 2014.

December 31, 2019

Med Hondo,
a Masked Voice

November 30, 2019

Joker, a film that bets on the Poker winning card

November 18, 2019

Adnan Madanat,
Tales of violent nights between documentary and fiction

October 27, 2019

Kirill Razlogov,
History and Cinema

July 19, 2019

The screen does not lie,
Questionning the "Auteur theory"

September 10, 2014

The Lens has
a Memory Too

April 12, 2015

The Frame is a Multi-dimensional Window

December 12, 2014

Is Film Editing an Art of Inspiration or just Subject and Predicate?

July 7, 2015

Ramallah's Maradona... a Call to Siege your Besiege

January 13, 2015

Burqiba's Confinement... The Executioner Preys on Himself

October 23, 2014

A Bereaved Woman between Gaza and the West Bank

June 14, 2015

Fariba: a Decent Life despite the Mishaps

May 23, 2015

When Cinema Doesn't Handle Tragedy Well

March 4, 2015

Against Death: The Epic of Women in Sari

February 9, 2015

Never Die as a Refugee.. Emotion and Supplication

July 24, 2015

أنشودة الورد.. في مواجهة غول النفط

January 16, 2015

آخر الرحل بين الجزائر وتونس.. الحرية جواز السفر


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